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A battery is a devise that converts the chemical energy contained in its active materials directly into electrical energy by means of an electrochemical reaction.

While the term "battery" is often used, the basic electrochemical unit being referred to is the "cell". A battery consists of one or more of these cells connected in series or parallel or both depending on the desired output voltage and capacity, The cell consists of three major components:

  1. The anode or negative electrode which give up electrons to external circuit and is oxidizing during the electrochemical reaction.
  2. The cathode or positive electrode which accepts electrons from the external circuit and is reduced during the electrochemical reaction.
  3. The electrolyte The ionic conductor- which provide the medium of charge transfer as ions inside the cell between anode and cathode.

Proper design of the battery is important to assure optimum reliable and safe operation. Many problems attributed to the batteries may have been prevented, had proper precautions been taken with both the design of the batteries itself and how it is designed into battery-operated equipment.

Just 200 years ago when a devise in essence the first battery and the first source of continuous electric current till today batteries are big business, moreover market for batteries are likely to boom in the years ahead, the Battelle Memorial Institute (BMI) in the USA has forecast that batteries will be the second most important of ten key strategic technologies which will shape the world over the next twenty years.

UniPower offering a wide range of industrial batteries from the common used type Lead acid batteries through Nickel cadmium, lithium reaching the fuel cells for all kind of applications It is important to note that the performance of a cell in a battery can be significantly different from that of an individual cell depending on the particular environment of that cell in the battery, data sheet and battery specification provided by manufacturers should only be used as a guide it is always possible to extrapolate the data to determine the performance of multi-cell batteries such as the cell uniformity, number of cell, way of connections battery case material design, and conditions of discharge and charge.

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