July 5, 2022        

Protective Cooling

The Use of electronic component devices become a daily must use tools in our culture and all industries. Keeping your electronics cool is essential to extending their life and keeping your business running.

The life expectancy of electronics is cut in half every 10C they operate above room temperature and even it can void warranty at a certain level of temperature making the proper cooling essential and reduce CAPEX over the long term.

Damaging heat can come from a variety of sources for example inside a telecom cabinet heat can come from power supplies, controllers, processors server racks, and radio equipment
Unfortunately the foreseeable future trend is toward increasing level of heat in electronic because the market need more information processing capacity and speed this trend is well known as Moore's Law.

UniPower introduce a wide range of conductive cooling, Fresh air cooling and protective cooling solutions.

Consult UniPower Expert for cooling capacity overview, determine internal heat load, and to determine heat transfer load quoting the proper solution and hard ware.

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